The new society demands a more specialised culture, at any time of the day, in which a lasting experience can be received through realism or consistent information, which manages to discover in the user a skill from a visit and share it.

UPculture tries to enhance the experience through virtual visits, which take the user back in time with virtual avatars included or direct them to other more playful interests thanks to the data. Such as where to find the most important products in this environment without risk or complications.

Through the internet of things (IoT), both outdoors and indoors, it monitors to protect our heritage and expose it in an appropriate way to demand.

UPculture integrates various techniques and equipment to make the experience safe, simple and durable.


  • Extended Reality for Smart Tourism: We develop mobile apps for guided tours of historical sites. 
  • Artificial intelligence and extended reality for DTI: We provide digitalisation and transformation services for Smart Tourism Destinations, including platforms for monitoring, classification and prediction of visitor flow, virtual assistants for reception and information in public spaces.


  • Intelligent information panels: The panel consists of an interactive 2D/3D model that provides information to the user about the tourist environment. Additionally, the panel can be connected to an augmented reality mobile application to expand the content with videos, images or web pages.

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