Eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi

How it works

  • The UPAIRE system allows air purification without danger to people. Harmless and 100% effective, thanks to the technology developed by UPhealth, it eliminates pathogens from the air entering the purifier without altering the characteristics of the circulating air.
  • With UPAIRE you will have the peace of mind and confidence you were looking for for your business. Workers and customers will be able to breathe without worries.
  • The functionality of this aseptic system is to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi from the air, for a better air quality in enclosed spaces, and a safer environment, free of pathogens.

  • UPhealth not only brings you the most effective air purification technology, but focuses on the customer’s needs, making their day-to-day work easier. We offer advice and customized purifier configuration, a 3-year warranty, comprehensive maintenance option and spare parts.
  • It is not based on the use of ozone and does not emit oxidizing substances, which can eventually accumulate in closed environments and cause free radicals in the body when inhaled.

  • Purifies 85 m2 in one hour. Rooms 20 m2 in less than 15 minutes.

  • Double Filter: Pre-filter, f6 and HEPA H14 Filter: effectively traps dust and contaminants, removing more than 99.995%.

  • Two fans.

  • Ultraviolet and Infrared light.

  • UPAIRE has 5 power levels and a 360º air intake system.

  • Maximum power: 100 m3/hour. Recommended: 50 m3/hour.

  • 5 operating modes: manual, automatic, meeting/full room mode, rest/low room occupancy mode and ultra-sterilization mode.

  • Graphic interface. Display with light signals (simple color code: blue: normal operation mode; green: when in ultra-sterilization system mode; red: when there is a high level of CO2 in the room).

  • Sensor for temperature, humidity, CO2 and volatile organic compounds VOCs. This is displayed on the interface.

  • Power cable 1.5 m

  • Global supported voltages AC 100V~220V 50/60Hz

  • Minimum power consumption: 8w

  • Very quiet. From 1 to 63 decibels. The recommended operating mode is fully silent, suitable for study rooms.

  • Material: metal. High shock resistance. UPAIRE is based on industrial ventilation systems.

  • Weight: 11 kg. Portable, wheels are provided to move it comfortably.

  • Maintenance plan that guarantees the optimal management of filter and parts changes, ensuring the protection of people and an optimal waste management. It also has an ultra disinfection mode of the filter, being its extraction 100% safe, in case you want to change it outside the maintenance of the appliance.