R&D Projects

R&D Projects As an innovative technology company, we have been beneficiaries of several R&D projects in public calls, among them


Management and commercialization of innovative products of virtual INTELLIGENE SL (ide/2019/000789). grant program for technology-based companies for the fiscal year 2019.


Expert system for hospital emergency management (ide/2020/000300). program of r&d projects for fiscal year 2020.


Development of iot platform for the acquisition and exploitation of data from manufacturing processes of custom-made parts in manufacturing workshop in auxiliary industry of the metal sector (2018).

Digital Transformation

Infrastructure for high performance computing and computation in artificial intelligence (ide/2020/000278). grant program to support digital transformation for fiscal year 2020.


Objective evaluation of pain by means of an expert system (ide/2019/000352). subsidy program aimed at the implementation of r&d projects in the principality of asturias for the year 2019.


Internationalization of the company in a situation of uncertainty (ide/2020/000514). program of subsidies for international promotion and market diversification.

FICYT – Jovellanos

Contracting of a doctor in biosciences for the development of the activity “objectification of pain by means of physiological parameters and management of the company’s r&d” (idi/2020/000192). jovellanos” program of aid to companies for the incorporation of personnel for the development and/or management of r&d+i activities during the period 2020-2022.

Projects co-financed by the Principality of Asturias through IDEPA (Institute for Economic Development of the Principality of Asturias and the PCTI 2018-2022 (Science, Technology and Innovation Plan) and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF.

DT-OptiDry – digital twin for optimisation of manufacturing processes in agri-food companies (VV038/2020)

Digital Twin for optimization of manufacturing processes in the agri-food industry 

In collaboration with the meat company Embutidos Maybe SA, we are developing the DT-OptiDry project, a digital twin for maturation and transformation of meat products, transferable to all types of food companies. DT-OptiDry has received the highest score among all those funded by the S3Food program in Asturias.