In response to the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals, we offer technological proposals for a variety of situations, within the perspective of new technologies, with research and development contributions from the most prestigious entities in healthcare and technology related clusters.

Thanks to this model it is possible to achieve a higher quality of product, reducing time and costs to achieve objectives tailored to the demanders of the products.

It also offers two other types of solutions:

A tangible solution where products are composed of instruments.

It is also possible to realize products by creating programs for applications, mobile or similar, adapted to the customer, including virtual analysis of all kinds from historical data to virtual reproductions of reality. Where you can visually project organizational or ergonomic variations to give two examples.


  • UPavatar: This system arises from the need to alleviate customer assistance by redirecting people without contact with people. It adds a previous supervision of temperature and correct disposition of the user for the entrance to the enclosure by means of a camera.
  • Digital Twin : Helps to make symptomatological predictions or to evaluate possible treatment solutions would be the way to realize this new vision of UPhealth.


  • UPain: A sensor that measures the patient’s response to a stimulus on contact and gathers the information for further treatment progress. 

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