In this sector, UPintelligence aims to provide value to companies by meeting their needs in terms of improving production times, stock savings or advice on development lines with projects suitable for funding/subsidies.

Europe values this sector as strategic and is the first interested in composing a strong business fabric, free of drugs or environmentally aggressive or transgenic products and maintaining optimum quality with low carbon emissions.

The solution is to make a personalized review that finally highlights the areas where current solutions can be applied, so that anomalies can be detected in a quantitative and clean way, using Artificial Intelligence.


  • Management software (ERP/CRM/ MES type) simple and modular, with functionalities that allow the management of customers, orders, warehouse, traceability, delivery note management, expiration date warnings, etc.

  • Product demand, price and sales forecasting systems.

  • Digital twins for process or product predictions and quality control.

  • IoT-based process monitoring and control system: temperature, humidity and other key parameters for the production process.

  • Modernization of machines and equipment, installation and retrofitting of PLCs

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