360º Consulting Services

In order to make a transformation in your company and be competitive today there are new solutions that, with relative costs in time, manage to group all the bad habits common in every group of people and it becomes a saving of efforts.

However, this is only the beginning of this service called UPintelligence 360 for the digitalisation of your company.

We deal with all the phases of an innovation project for digital transformation. Detecting needs and opportunities for improvement in a project based on your experience.

It is also important to deal with the economic issue and for this your project must be realised based on your budget and needs.

Adapted to your technical knowledge, plans for digitisation, development of new projects, collaborations and business ideas to highlight the brand are carried out.

For these times, funding support is provided and proposals at regional, national and EU level are prepared in a timely and appropriate manner.

Project implementation including technical service and maintenance.

We also accompany any corrections that improve the performance in the development of the service.

How do we do it?

A company transformation or a company start-up has one thing in common, and that is innovation in order to be competitive. It is essential to identify the processes that strike a balance between safety and profit.

Digitisation takes over many routine tasks that make work easier and avoid mistakes.

With a historical database, artificial intelligence can see opportunities in time and needs that anyone could miss, thus improving warehousing, transport, manufacturing times, space distribution, energy savings, etc…

The collaboration of the owner is necessary to have a pragmatic vision of the best solution.

Nowadays, for all administrations and large companies, working with partners who have made the digital leap is transcendental, given the competition from outside Europe.

The gradual elimination of cash, the substantial increase in electronic money, the elimination of programmed obsolescence and the installation of large distributors in this region are also noteworthy. These are issues that seem far away, but they substantially change the market as we know it.

With your budget in this area, you can achieve growth at the right time.

Digitalisation works from a smartphone, so you can make a leap into digital commerce or expand your business by supporting companies with common needs that are located in different places.

As there is interest in this aspect from public and private organisations, it is within the possibilities of growth in this service by means of technological financing aid.

The installation and start-up with its technical service and maintenance are also possible, as an update always makes these services essential and confidence in the results is a priority for UPintelligent.

During the development process, changes in regulations, pandemics or any other eventuality may arise, and for this you also have our support, finding solutions tailored to the client’s needs.